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Vida is a team of individuals passionate about service, family, and life to the fullest. Our team is composed of several highly experienced, hard working, amazing folks. Whether it's human resources, benefits, or payroll, they have seen it all.

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Here at Vida, we have a very specific mission:

In an ever-changing industry we seek to provide sophisticated solutions, savings and peace of mind for our clients through expert guidance and service.

We accomplish our mission by recruiting top talent and then taking great care of them so that they can care of you. This concept is what unifies our team in providing the highest quality service possible.


Vida Benefits is the coming together of a family, united through the concepts of providing uncompromised service, genuine relationship and meaningful connection all through the platform of business.


Originally founded as a tax and accounting service in Trinidad, Colorado, Vida has always based its service offerings on the relationships and needs it has with its clients. As questions have arisen about where a client may find a solution for this or that, our priority has been to listen, and from that we have slowly expanded our team and service offering to strengthen our relationships and take care of our clients. If you have a need for your business, there's a good chance that we can take care of that for you.

Being that the meaning of Vida is life, we as a company believe in giving people the opportunity to live their best life. For our clients, that means providing excellent service and taking some of the burdens off of your schedule, allowing you to take care of your business and have more time afterwards for family and friends. For our team, it means taking great care of them in and out of the office. We treat our team like we treat our family, which allows them to take great care of clients.

We love working with all sizes of business from all across Colorado and the U.S., and we would love to serve you too, whether you would like our help with something, or you just have the occasional question regarding a service we provide. We would be happy to meet you, and are grateful that you took the time to read about us.


The Vida Team

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